Prospective graduate students:

I am always looking for highly motivated graduate students (Masters and PhD) who would like to join our group. If you are interested in discussing existing opportunities, please email me and attach a brief resume/cv outlining your interests, academic background and experience.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of my work, I encourage inquiries from students with a wide range of backgrounds: geography, geology, ecology, environmental science, forestry, natural resources, etc. I am excited to hear from students with various skill sets and interested in taking various approaches to research: a combination of field work, GIS and remote sensing (especially application of terrestrial and aerial LiDAR and multi-view photogrammetry, also referred to as "structure-from-motion") constitute the core of our work but I am also open to lab experiments and modeling approaches. Images on this page show just a sample of techniques we take advantage of to collect field data.

Ground surveys

UIUC is a highly collaborative community and a true research hub. Equipment, great facilities, and a wealth of expertise are available to support interdisciplinary graduate projects. 

If you are potentially interested in working with me please contact me via email well ahead of the application deadline. I will be more than happy to discuss ideas, funding opportunities, and answer any questions you may have. I welcome queries that are related to my current research projects but I am also open to new ideas, as long as they fall into the broad area of my interests.

You will find lots of useful information about our graduate programs here:

Graduate Programs - Department of Geography and GIS (GGIS)

GGIS Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate Programs - Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (PEEC)

PEEC Graduate Student Handbook


I look forward to hearing from you!


Drone-based photogrammetry

Undergraduate students (UIUC):

I am looking for undergraduate research assistants to participate in our research projects.


If you are interested in acquiring valuable, hands-on experience in environmental research by working closely with our team please do not hesitate to contact me. Funding in the form of scholarships may be available for summer field work (e.g. our annual field work in the Pacific Northwest) as well as for projects focused on data analysis (mostly GIS and remote sensing) during the academic year. 


Background in geography, geology, biology/ecology, environmental science, forestry, natural resources or engineering is an asset but not required. I seek students with diverse skills and interests: field and lab research, GIS, remote sensing, modeling, etc.


LiDAR surveys


Sensor/logger deployment

(remote data collection)

Flow measurements

& analysis